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Transform from uncertainty of this event to clarity of what opportunities are possible for your business and family
Without the pressure of a 100% sale
With a clear path forward...
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The Stewards

Carl Sheeler, PhD, ASA, CBA, CVA
Co-Founder Privatus CI3O
Family Offices/Businesses

Finance Focus; Valuation as a Benchmark, Strategy, expert for messy, intra-family dispute or business disruptions

Robin Coady Smith
Founder, Privatus CI3O
Family Offices/Businesses

Human Capital Focus; Alignments between family and advisors, Transition Management/Oversight, Strategic Inputs, Deeper Conversations

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Help your family Achieve Their Desired Goals with a clear path forward, bespoke services, to get them where they wish to go both individually and as a family collective.
What is This?

We are holistic in what we do so a mid-market business may endure and we take on some of the major hurdles as Stewards so founder and family can achieve their goals with a clear path forward both individually and as a family collective.

Download your copy of “Whose Optics; Yours or Theirs?” and take advantage of the offer to schedule a free 30 minute consultation; your expectations for your business. 
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