How Do You Measure Success?
 As a private, boutique or public trust company
How Do You Work with The Private Assets of Owners/Founders?
We prefer to sell them
Place assets in directed trusts
Suggest a private trust company for family and assets
What Trust Company, Trustees, Administrator & Advisers Can Learn
A significant number of Founders hold onto their business and there are specific reasons why.  

There are challenges to holding private assets in direction trusts especially those that dynamic, such as operating businesses and real estate, passively for long periods in legal entities.  It is highly probably due to limited resources and knowledge, that a founder is overly involved in their  business asset and decisions concerning it.    Dynamic assets held should be considered for management, not as a financial investment but from a finance perspective of executing on the factors that influence a price multiple along with managing risks. This protects, preserves and generates higher returns of the asset itself.  Higher returns, less risk, higher value lessens the probability of Founder intervention. 

The key to success of private assets in trusts is to adhere to benefactors’ intent.
Creating alignment of beneficial interests to benefactor’s intent along with
bench marking the highlights of risk & opportunities becomes the means of measuring success as well as for a growth strategy. 

This is the highlights of an integrated approach to managing private assets and serving founder and family wants.  
The "real" Alpha can be 2x, 5x or greater.

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